What Makes OSI Group McDonalds One Of The Top Food Companies In The US

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Sustainability, quality and innovation are the key ingredients for making OSI Group McDonalds one of the top food companies in America. Since the opening of its first plant in Chicago, IL and after a strategic partnership with McDonald’s Restaurant Chain, the meat processing holding company commits to safety. OSI accomplishes this by joining the Food Research Institution in Wisconsin to ensure food and environmental safety is up to standards based on the needs of communities and the employees. Other contributions that placed OSI Group McDonalds in the top 100 private owned companies in the business world is its annual revenue of $6.1 billion in 2018.

Forbes placed OSI Group McDonalds as number 63 on the 2018 List of American Largest Companies. The growth of OSI started in the early 1970s through a partnership with McDonald’s Corporation and the construction of a new plant. It was just the beginning of the expansion of the company after a lasting business relationship with McDonald’s and other restaurants including Burger King, Subway, and Pizza Hut, to name a few. It helped to boost the economy in Chicago and Utah by providing employment to hundreds of citizens.

Between 1970 and 2019, OSI Group McDonalds increased its leading meat processors to over 65 plants worldwide. All processing facilities in the US, UK, China, Spain, and Asia have to ensure the safety of the employees and the communities where they conduct business. Sustainability places an important role in OSI ongoing efforts to improve customer satisfaction and the environment. With such a commitment to quality, safety and innovation, North American Meat Institute awarded the private holding company the Environment Award. The story of OSI Group McDonalds dates back to 1955 when the first McDonald’s restaurant opened it doors in Des Plaines, IL. Before its opening, OSI agreed with Ray Kroc who at the time was a franchise agent representing the McDonald family to supply fresh beef patties. To this day, McDonald’s restaurants serves fresh items produced by OSI meat processing plants.

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