What people are saying about eos™ Organic Lip Balm Summer Fruit

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

eos™ Organic Lip Balm Summer Fruit is a 100% all-natural, paraben and petroleum free lip balm that comes in the fruity flavors of blueberry, peach and strawberry.

As with other eos™ balms, most rave about the size and shape of the summer fruit balm. The unique packaging makes these balms easy to find and aids in the perfect application. Although the flavor is that of a summer fruit, these lip balms are made to wear year round, including the winter months.

Many are loving summer fruit flavors because eos™ has managed to get the flavor combinations just right and not overwhelming like other brands can be.

Users of the eos™ Organic Lip Balm Summer Fruit also highlight factors such as its moisturizing effects, its use of quality ingredients for those with sensitive skin, long lasting wear after just one application, availability for purchase in almost any drug store or beauty supply store and affordability.

The eos™ lip balms have a huge fan base and many men and women state they have different flavors at home, at work, in their gym bags, cars and purses. As they are cost effective and in line with other lip balm brands, it is suggested that everyone make the initial investment and try out eos™ lip balms at least once.

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