Betsy DeVos Pushes Through Her Educational Interests

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Before taking up her position as Secretary of Education in Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos was known to her local Michigan political arena. People who are familiar with her way of working have a fear of her, and it is not because she is a billionaire.


As a woman of a great fortune and the wife of the heir and former CEO of Amway, Betsy DeVos is a relentless woman that is not easy to change her course once she sets her mind on something. Betsy DeVos was an ardent fighter for the funding of private schools and charter schools. She has worked relentlessly to remove people from positions and place those that share her interest in altering the American educational system. According to her, the current public education system has outlived its purpose and is no longer cooperative of the American dream.


Her entrance into Washington D.C. was not a smooth one. At the Senate confirmation hearings, she gave unconfident answers to questions on education and federal law. Although media has tried to portray her as ignorant on this initial introduction into Washington D.C., she is not ready to accept the criticism or let it stop her. She only shrugged off any mockery and continued to work for her cause.


The first thing she did as she entered the Educational Department was to contact Ms. Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia — two leaders of teacher’s unions in Washington D. C. Ms. Weingarten accepted her call, and the two of them plant to begin visiting schools together. According to observers, it was a smart move of her. It only showed that she does not give in to competition and mockery only enlivens her.


Her work at the Educational Department is not free of challenges. She does not always agree with the politics of the Trump administration regarding the educational system. This was seen in the recent announcement of President Trump on the rescinding of using school bathrooms according to gender identity. On the announcement, Betsy DeVos was more than politically correct by confirming that the decision was an example of an overreach of the Obama administration.


Behind the scenes, things do not look the same. As the change was made known to the Educational Department, Betsy DeVos met with a representative of the gay and transgender employees in order to warn them of the new change. Although she wanted to intervene in their decision, Trump was swayed in his decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It was only natural as Jeff Sessions was a veteran in Washington and for a long time had an influence over Mr. Trump’s decisions. However, people who know Betsy DeVos expect her to find her way through the ropes and challenges in Washington D.C. and learn to get her way.


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