Revolutionizing Education In California The Rocketship Education Way

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

To ensure the success of this process, the schools train a few families on how to conduct successful interviews. The school sometimes opts to hold meetings where parents are introduced to potential teachers.

The parent’s opinions sway the outcome of the job interviews. This eliminates strife in relationships between teachers, management, and the parent fraternity.

Another principle that has worked for the institution is the reliance on the organization’s core principles. Each school in the network has five core values — among them respect for self and others, responsibility, persistence, empathy, and gratitude is the most recent addition.

These values form the core of every relationship at Rocketship Education. These values are a perfect fit for students because they equip them with skills needed to succeed in academics and beyond their school lives.

This is a crucial component of the education network because it helps children, mostly from low-income societies, to cope with stress, conflicts and exercise emotional control.

The education foundation includes a social-emotional curriculum in the regular education. This curriculum is different for each group. The curriculum used in lower grades comprises of a five-character program known as Kimochi, while students in upper grades use the RULER program to control their emotions.

The efforts by Rocketship Education have been recognized, and this has attracted support from business leaders. Top business moguls such as the Netflix CEO and the Facebook CEO have committed themselves financially to support its endeavors.

Rocketship Education is committed to narrowing the achievement gap between fortunate children and the underprivileged. Their active participation philosophy not only engages parents but also helps develop parents who are involved in their children’s lives all the way.

Rocketship also works with other community organizations and other public charter schools. This helps the organization unlock the potential of its students, which sets them on a successful path to college and beyond.